So You Got a Traffic Ticket – Your Day At Court

How to present yourself in court

If there is one key to winning your case it will be presentation. Appearance is worth twice as much as facts.

Just look at the police officer as he walks in. He’s wearing a nice, pressed uniform. He looks like a voice of authority, of integrity, of justice. And he earns that all because of a blue uniform.

Look at the prosecutor. His briefcase. His suit. His well groomed appearance. He exudes an air of confidence. An air of righteousness. The appearance of a person who is respected and ready to go to work for justice. More information here

You must have that look. Wear a dress shirt, dress pants, and good shoes. You don’t really need to wear a suit and tie, but wearing blue jeans and a T-shirt is a sure way to be viewed as “common”… or worse, guilty. Your neat and tidy appearance will lend air to your case, and it will help your confidence. You will be on a level playing field. You will be a respected figure of authority. And, you will be ready to fight and win.traffic ticket defense

Walk into the courtroom with your mind set and prepared to PROVE that you are innocent. You must be prepared, and appear to be prepared, to give a dazzling performance. Where everyone else is fidgeting and talking and carrying on, you are quietly meditating, thinking ahead to your case. While you might not see the judge and prosecutor looking at you… they will be. And they see that YOU are not nervous. You are not “common”. You will be prepared to face them. And you will.

This sets up your first impression. You only get one. So make it good. As the court comes to order, sit up straight, eyes forward, focusing on the judge and the prosecutor. Watch them and get a feel for the styles and mannerisms which they tend to use. These same traits are the traits you will want to duplicate. It will make them feel more connected to you. This will be yet another edge that you will gain. Know your enemy, know yourself… and victory is yours.

Once your trial begins, there will be three “tests” which will determine how you are viewed by the judge:

How you hold yourself. Do you slouch? Do you walk with confidence or with burden? Do you look like a person who expects to win? Do you look like the type of person who is intelligent? Are you just another person hoping to get away with something?

The sound of your voice. Can you be heard? Or are you meek and shy? Do you scream? Or does your voice sound like the voice of a person who expects to be heard? Does your voice convey a sense of refinement, of authority? speeding ticket law - court date

How you act toward others. When you address the judge, do you give him respect? Or fear his decisions? Do you call him “Sir”, “Your Honor”? Or “Dude”? Are you defensive? Hiding something? Are you confident? Ready to question mistakes? When you address the officer, do you see a figure? Or the man? Do you believe his statements? Or question them? Or scoff?

These three tests, more than anything else you do in court, will determine how you are treated during and after the verdict. If you walk in looking like a respectable, confident, well spoken, respectful person, you will be treated as one. If you cower in, whispering with others, dressed like a redneck, fidgeting, sounding like a punk, and show no respect or expect no respect in turn, you won’t get any. Watch this Video