Truth About a Food you Love: Chocolate

food-bakery-chocolate-sweet-largeThere are several facts you do not know about chocolate. Are you sure that it is good for health? Is it a scientific food? Chocolate is loved and consumed by people who are young at heart and young in age. There are different kinds of chocolates like white chocolate, milk chocolate or dark chocolate. It is regularly consumed and most people do not know the benefits and health risks connected with chocolate treat.

There are some doubts regarding its benefits. How does chocolate help to prevent memory loss? How does it boost sexual energy and drive? Is it a scientific food? Dr. Carlie Abbott has been interviewed these questions in a radio interview.

Guide to Balanced and Healthy Living

food-groupsTransformative Nutrition is the best approach tobalanced and healthy living. You have to know how to accomplish your wellness and health goals without guilt, without dieting and without counting calories. Transformative Nutrition is a book written for people who are health conscious and aiming to lose weight naturally. You can change certain habits and foods that stop you from experiencing best health easily.

Michael is the author of the book. He works as a Holistic Health Coach. His aim is to help people who are on a mission to achieve wellness goals and lose weight. Visit his website for more details regarding the book.

Holistic Health Suggestions for Parkinson’s

curcumin-shows-promise-in-parkinsons-disease-wilmington-holistic-healthJean Oswald is a holistic nurse, life coach and Aromatherapist. He suggested following ideas to recover from Parkinson’s disease.

Identifying the track of healing: How mind, spirit and body work together?
Making simple changes regarding toxic chemical usage, supplements and foods at home.
Setting primaries for recovery
Limiting stress
Addressing depression
Using essential oils in right manner
Finding and using best essential oil to treat Parkinson’s disease symptoms
Appreciating the worth of training for recovery

If you are suffering from Parkinson’s and looking forward to getting holistic treatment, you need to sign up or contact Jean Oswald. He offers great tips regarding allergies, cholesterol, healthy bones, etc.